JJC 20kV Insulation Piercing Clamp & Piercing Grounding Clamp

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Our company has continuously improved the performance of the puncture clamps for more than ten years, and overcome the technical difficulties in puncture resistance, mounting force distance, thermal stability, insulation and underwater withstand voltage and anti-aging.

The products comply with IEC international standards and the procurement standards of Beijing Electric Power Company, and are tested by various authoritative organizations such as Power Industry Power Line Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and Zhejiang Huadian Line Equipment Research Institute.

The products include 1 ~ 20kV insulation piercing clamps and puncture grounding clamps, which have been well received by users for many years.


1.Better electrical performance, reduced resistance by 30%, and more stable thermal cycle curve;

2.Good insulation, and the power frequency withstand voltage and underwater withstand voltage performance tests have not been specially treated to pass the test;

3.The installation torque is low, which is only 70% of the old clamp, which makes the construction more convenient.

Model Thread Branch Line
JJC20-44 185~240 185~240
JJC20-43 185~240 150~120
JJC20-42 185~240 70~95
JJ C10-33 120~150 120~150
JJC20-32 120~150 70~95
JJC20-31 120~150 35~50
JJC20-11 35~70 35~70
JJCD20-150~240 150~240 Grounding Ring
JJCD20-35~120 35~120 Grounding Ring

1. It is recommended to install two jumpers in parallel to increase the current tolerance

2. For fixed-side grounding, please add C after the product model, such as JJCD10-95 ~ 240C

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