NXL-J20 Wedge Insulator Tension Clamp 20KV Overhead No Peeling

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NEK & NXL type insulation strain clamp is suitable for distribution wire up to 10KV, fixing the aerial insulation aluminum conductor or the naked aluminum conductor on the rotate angle or insulator of terminal strain pole, and then fixing and tightening the aerial conductor; the insulation cover and the strain clamp are used together for insulation protection.

The product is divided into NEK series and NXL series according to the position of the tight loop; it is divided into single ear type (default) and double ear type according to the different hanging loops (used by the letter S after the model number). At present, most of the manufacturers, users and design are not clearly defined, which leads to the selection of errors and the installation of fittings and insulators.

Structural features:

1·Select non-magnetic special aluminum alloy die-casting, high strength and energy saving;

2· Wedge locking structure, good grip, anti-loose, maintenance-free;

3·Open design, parts are connected, no parts will be dropped during loading and unloading, and installation is easy;

Insulation Cover Features:

1.Power frequency withstand voltage: ≥45kV for 1 minute without breakdown, no flashover;

2.Insulation resistance: >1.0×1014Ω

3.Ambient temperature: -300C~900C

4.Weather resistance: good performance after 1008 hours of artificial weathering test

Single Ear Model Double Ears Model Applicable Conductor Outer Diameter
20kV Overhead Insulated Conductor
(JKLY20 is no skinned)
Insulation Cover Model
NXL-3J20 NXLS-3J20 Φ19.6~22.6 35~70 NXLZ-3
NXL-4J20 NXLS-4J20 Φ23.5~26.5 95~120 NXLZ-4
NXL-5J20 NXLS-5J20 Φ27.0~30.0 150~185 NXLZ-5
NXL-6J20 NXLS-6J20 Φ30.5~33.5 240~300 NXLZ-6

Because the thickness of the 20KV wire insulation layer is different, it is necessary to measure whether the wire outer diameter is within the range specified in the table before use. Otherwise, it must be explained before ordering. Our company can provide customized products.

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