FPS Type High Voltage Electrical Power Line Post Rubber Good insulator

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1.Good electrical specification,strong mechanical strength,tensile bending intension of the epoxy glass fiber rod of internal load bearing is double than normal rolled products,8-10 times of high strength porcelain material,can effectively improve the reliable of safe operation.

2.Fine anti-pollution,strong prevent flash accident, and the wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage is 2-2.5 times than the same creepage distance porcelain insulator,and not to clean up,can safe operate in the serious pollution areas.

3.Small volume,light weight(only 1/6-1/9 of the same voltage grade of porcelain insulator),lightness structure,and it are easy for transportation and installation.the shed has favorable waterproof performance which thewhole structure assures the internal insulation is not wet,not needs to test of prevent insulation and clean up,to reduce the routine maintenanace work capacity.

4.Good sealing performance,strength anti-eectrolytic corrosion,the shed has good anti-ageing,corrosion,proof,performance and the level is TMA4.5 class, is applied to -40℃-±50℃ areas.They have strong resistance to impact and quakeproof performance,good brittle resistance and creep resistance,unbreakable,anti-bend,high anti-bend strength,loading internal force and strong explosion proof,can exchange use of porcelain,glass insulator each other.

5.Composite insulator series products,which the mechanical performance and electric performance are better than porcelain insulator,and the tolerance of safe operation is big,and it is the renew product for electric power line.

Type Rated voltage
Rated mechanical tension load
Structural height
Min arc distance
Min nominal creepage distance
Lightning full wave impulse withstand voltage
≥ (kV)
Frequency withstand voltage
Replace porcelain insulator model
FPS-105/5 10~15 5 230 180 380 105 45 FPS-105/5
FPS-105/8 10~15 8 230 180 420 105 45 FPS-105/85
FPS-150/5 20 5 300 215 600 150 65 FPS-150/5
FPS-150/12.5 20 12.5 325 215 575 150 65 FPS-150/12.5
FPS-170/12.5 20 12.5 350 240 650 170 70 FPS-170/12.5
FPS-200/3 35 3 445 335 1050 200 85
FPS-200/5 35 5 465 345 980 200 85
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