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The 6~220kV AC transmission and distribution line suspension composite oxygen oxide surge arrester is connected in parallel to the two ends of the insulator (string), in order to limit the lightning overvoltage of the line, improve the lightning resistance level of the line, and reduce the tripping rate caused by the lightning fault. A new type of arrester that is suspended from a transmission tower.

Our company has applied the technology of producing electric power fittings and composite insulators to the line arrester for many years, and the performance of the products has been greatly improved, and patented, patent number: (200720155561.4).

Reference Standard:

GB11032-2000 AC gapless metal oxide arrester

JB/T 8952-2005 composite jacket non-gap metal oxide arrester for AC system

JB/T10497-2005 composite jacket for AC transmission line with series gap metal oxide speed arrester

Insulation coordination of GB311.1-1997 high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment

JB/T8459-2006 arrester product model preparation method


1. Reasonable design, novel structure, reliable technical performance, compact size, light weight, flexible installation, high tensile strength, collision resistance and no damage to transportation;

2. Citing the advantages of silicone rubber jacket metal oxide arrester, the overall molding is formed once, has good sealing, stain resistance, explosion-proof, moisture-proof performance, high dielectric strength, good heat dissipation performance, and large over-voltage energy absorption capacity;

3. The altitude is not more than 2000 meters

4. Ambient temperature: -40 ° C - + 40 ° C

5. The maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m / s d, the power frequency: 48Hz ~ 62Hz e, the arrester allows the swing, according to the tower shape, consider the suspension

Suitable climate:

1. Transmission line with low lightning protection level and high lightning strike rate

2. dry, rainy hills, mountains and other areas, not suitable for maintenance areas

3. Towers and areas with high grounding resistance

4. the larger span of the river crossing tower

5. the operating overvoltage is high, need to limit the occasion before entering the substation

Line gapless electrical parameter:
MOA Tape Sys R.V MOA R.V MCOV DC voltag
1/10μs Steep Current Impulse 8/20μs Lightning Current Impulse 30/60μs Switching Current Impulse 2ms Rectangular Current Impulse 4/10μs High Current Impulse IMG NO.
kV(r.m.s) ≮kV ≯kV A kA
HY5WX-17/50 10 17 13.6 25.0 57.5 50 42.5 150 65 IMG 31
HY5WX-17/50-J 10 17 13.6 25.0 57.5 50 42.5 150 65 IMG 32
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